The Heroine

March 7, 2013

She’s a heroine of faith – one of the unnamed and undaunted in scripture who did as no one told her to do, finding what none could offer. Her moment of grabbing into an invisible reality before her tipped the entire circumstances around. And it all began with a simple thought amidst a ground of desperation and hopelessness.

It was the simplicity and potency of this one thought. That’s all she had as she approached Jesus and reached her arm beneath His shadow. And it was more than enough to alter her life’s course.

In the Kingdom’s economy, all is flipped upside down – meaning that which is small carries the greatest weight. It’s more than a simple principle; it’s an active promise.

When you find yourself unable to hope, believe, or pray the big mountains to move before you, holding deep to that one ounce of thought within – the tiny seed of faith in the middle of all else – can shift everything.

If you’re weary today, hear this: despite all you can no longer carry upon your shoulders, grip tightly to even the littlest bit of hope in the deep and safe within you. In the right place and moment, it can be that one unassuming seed that changes all that’s around you.

For it is the smallest seed of potent faith that contains within it the greatest of power to move the mighty that’s opposing before you. And it is the unnamed and undaunted who shape the course of history.

unnamed woman

Photo credit: Victor Bezrukov, Creative Commons

Click below to join into chapter 5 of our journey through Mark. It’s one of my favorites.


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