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A New Dimension

July 15, 2012

The voice.

The voice aloud and wild and free.

That’s the heartbeat.

For far too long, I have heard the Lord call me to release my voice in a new way – a written way.  I battled years to recover a voice within me that was long ago squelched by the words of the past and the fear of the world’s opinion.  These last five years have been a pilgrimage towards abundance, abandon…and to uncover a lost voice.

Transition, the master teacher through life’s changing circumstances, arises all around me and I cannot ignore the shifting platelets all below the surface.   And with all the movement, I hear Him say, “It’s time to grow what has been recovered into a new dimension of depth.”  An object expanding from 2 to 3 dimensions transforms everything about it.  The simple addition changes the entire picture, amplifying the very object itself.  My voice has been recovered and discovered.  And now there is depth that must be added to its story.

I am a daughter whose voice is coming alive and free.  And this is the beginning of my own journey to grow, challenge, and stretch my voice into a deeper dimension.  And with that new dimension added, thereby, expanding its sound, cadence, and reverberations altogether.

It’s time to use my voice in a new way.  And this is the beginning.




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