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April 22, 2013

If I am completely honest, these last two weeks Mark and I have run around like passing ships, with little room for anything spontaneous outside what was already scheduled into our packed iCals. There’s been an unprecedented level of activity going on for us this month. And the truth is that our lives aren’t filled by things we must do, it’s actually filled by things we want to do.

Being friends with a group of people who all seem to be born in April has left us celebrating dearly loved friends all month long. Tuesday nights are my beloved bible study evenings and Thursdays Mark heads off to a Maxwell leadership class. I’m finishing up my final seminary class of the semester and Mark is studying hard for the GMAT (business school entry exam) next month. Both of us are preparing for Africa and inviting people to partner with us this summer. Even as I write this, we’re sitting on a plane back from a fantastic weekend with dear friends in Colorado.

Life is beautiful and wonderful – and flat out full these days. In fact, recently life has felt so full at times that there just isn’t any room. And if there’s something I long to always protect and preserve in life, it is room.


Making and maintaining room in life is so important to me because I understand its value and necessity. Room in life is the invitation for Him to come and reside among His people. I am convinced that it is irresistible to Him, as though He is magnetically compelled to fill and move within the place of life that has been intentionally preserved.

Oftentimes I wonder if God’s response to my prayers for Him to come and invade my life and realm is the simple response of, “Where?”

I long for the divine encounters and spontaneous moments of ministry birthed out of protected space in my life: room to be still, to wait, to listen, to act. I yearn for the kind of room that stretches the activity of each day out of simply the scheduled plans and into the world of spontaneous happenings.

In this season where, thankfully, the busyness doesn’t end and the loved people to celebrate don’t stop, the room is mine to make. The quiet voice lovingly offers the words of life’s wisdom my way: “Make room for my presence in your midst. For that which is preserved and protected as available and accessible, I can’t help but FILL.”

I am currently in the messy process of intentionally learning how to maintain that constant room in the midst of life’s quick pace. Why exactly? Because I am convinced that in order for fresh revival to come in our lives, we sometimes have to purge the “space suckers” and abide in the midst of some purposefully open space.

Could it be that the renewed revival in our lives is hindered by our lack of space for His fullness to freshly fall?


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