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Dawn of a New Day

February 13, 2013

I’m kind of a sucker for New Year celebrations and all the new beginnings that come with them. I love their freshness, their potential, their ‘maybes’ and ‘hope sos.’ It gets me excited, fired up, and ready to get moving.

When I thought about beginning this year with our living room gathering, all I could think was that the need for Jesus was so pressing and real – for me, mainly. So out of my own need for some real intimacy with Him, we’ve embarked on a journey through the book of Mark.

I’ve called the series, “The Anointed One” because I am convinced seeking Him means finding more of me (and you) – and becoming more as His anointed ones. Which is exactly who we are called to be.

Below you will see the very first session based on the first chapter of Mark. It’s called “A New Day.” Why? Because everything changed the minute Jesus showed up. It was the dawn of a new day and a time of fulfillment long hoped and expected for.

Fulfillment had come – wrapped up completely differently from what was expected. I think we all know moments like that.

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