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We’re headed to Africa.

April 16, 2013

Find me in the dust.

It was February 25, 2012 that I first heard those words spoken. I was in the midst of an old-time theater worshiping with some wildly dancing, passionately seeking family at a worship CD release night. Amidst the noise and stirring in the atmosphere, the quiet voice spoke those words straight to my heart. It was one of those moments when the chaos silences and only the One is heard – as a whisper reaching levels of impact and vibration far greater than the crowd around.

Find me in the dust, He said.

At the time, I was standing next to the man who was capturing my heart, though no sign or words of promise had yet been spoken. I had no idea (or maybe a slight inkling) that a short three weeks later, this would happen and a future would begin to merge and arise for us.

Over the last year, we walked through some expected and very unexpected moments. I transitioned from the ministry I loved to enter a quiet season of rest. Our wedding was planned and the day was magically perfect with the deepest sense of His presence and the overwhelming outpouring of love from friends and family. We moved to quiet Buford, into a cozy apartment numbered 331. Mark transitioned out of his job and into a completely different realm of work and pace, with a seemingly long moment of tension in the middle between the first being released and the second not quickly manifesting. Unexpected health concerns left me sitting in some crazy rooms with the only friend who could keep me laughing. We’ve had some disappointments, a few scares, major breakthroughs, and real testimonies. And through it all, those words have remained above and upon us.


The last few months are marked by lots of transition, and through its road, we are finding our way into some unexpected, exciting open doors. The process between the dream and its reality in this was a long one [for another blog], filled with incredibly beautiful moments and deeply complex ones. But through it all, peace fell and we are so excited to say…

We’re hopping a plane to Africa.

For 2 months, Mark and I are heading over to Pemba, Mozambique for the summer to be part of the Iris Ministry’s “Harvest School.” We’ll learn under the leadership and within the classroom, head out to the bush for extended outreach, and love on the hundreds of children who call this mission base home. And we’ll be together, in the dust, loving Him.

We see it as a season of investing into our marriage and the foundation of our family ahead. It’s a short bout away, but a precious one to us. There’s a lot of risk involved and a lot of uncertains when we find our way home in August, but we’re settled. We don’t claim to carry all the answers for the whys and whats and hows, but we hear the voice, the words, and the peace that speaks beyond risky circumstances to say there is something more than meets the eye upon the coming few months.

We are expectant, hopeful, anxious, and ready for all that will be birthed, dreamed, experienced, poured out, and received.

The need to launch out there is both great – and quick. And yet, if I have come to understand anything of the Lord this year, it is that He is one of ABUNDANCE.

By April 25th, in just 9 days, we need to raise $5600 for both of us to attend the school ($2800/person to cover 9 weeks of lodging and food).

By April 30th, in just 2 weeks, we need to raise our airfare tickets of $5400 ($2700/person) for us both to travel to Pemba.

Our total need is $11,000 in the next 2 weeks. It’s big and quick – but God is in this. We are peacefully certain.


Being visual, I see this as 110 “steps,” each at $100, upward to the final goal. If 110 people donated $100, we’d be set. More realistically, if a few decided to cover 5 or 10 steps of this journey, we would find our way to the goal all the quicker.

Our hope is for people who say “yes” and “amen” to what God is doing this summer and in our marriage to consider donating this very week. It’s as simple as clicking here.

This journey has lots to do with serving this summer – and it has more to do with our marriage. And it is really has to do with what He is going to do and how we long to join in.

We’re heading to the dust of Africa, confident and hopeful for a fresh outpouring of our lives upon that beloved ground, a renewed indwelling of His presence deep to our cores, and holy moments upon holy ground where we taste and see His manifest goodness abound.



To donate online, visit the Kingdom Inc. website here:

Or to mail in a check, make it out to “Kingdom Inc.” with “Caroline Schandel” in the memo line.  Mail to: Kingdom Inc., PO Box 98438, Atlanta, GA 30359.

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