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Choosing to Know

May 5, 2013

Over the last five years, I have lived under leadership who constantly make space at their table for me to grow, do what I love, share my voice, and be part of the team. It is an incredible, upside down model of leadership, where you do all you can to create space for those around to surpass you. Watching it lived over the last years has changed me, making my radar consistently aware to the women around and how to celebrate their unique expressions.

And so, with our Living Room Tuesdays, my heart has remained so intent on honoring the voices and perspectives that sat in that very room week after week, celebrating how different and complete the whole picture can be seen. In the spirit of creating space for others’ unique voices, our incredible Carrie offered life to us from her deep well of wisdom from which she so naturally lives.


Carrie is full of graceful peace, especially in the trying moments of pressure, heartache, or unexpected obstacles. And oh, she is wise. She speaks revelation so clearly from the heart of the One she knows, and offers it in the most natural and inviting of ways. It is so my joy to introduce her to you today.

Below you will find her beautiful teaching from a few weeks ago. I love her reflections on knowing God, pressing so firmly on the kind of knowing where you are knelt by the river, drinking deep of the rushing water before you to the point that your face is splashed by its spray and your ears rush with its whistle. This knowing is the drink of abundance that leaves a soul both satisfied and deeply longing for more. It’s the drink of intimacy for those who hear that beckoning call to come away…that you and I would purely know Him.

It’s that beautifully fresh water where Carrie invites us this week.


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