One thing is certain. I come alive when I preach.

More than anything, I love speaking about Jesus. I am passionate about encountering God in the everyday of life. I am one who believes that resurrection power lives in us so it can flow through us. So I am convinced the world will be more like Heaven through real encounters with God.

I really love uncovering truth that changes the way we live today. You can expect real stories of God encounters from all over the world and us digging through the pages of Scripture to take hold of words that will change us at the core.

My hope is that each and every person listening would walk away confident that God will do what he says he will do. That God is active and speaking today. And that each life matters to him, to his plan, and to the lives of others.

Some of the topics I speak most on are:

  • Hearing God’s Voice
  • Speaking Words of Life that Transform Circumstances
  • Finding Rest for the Weary
  • Uncovering Our True Identities
  • Encountering God’s Presence Today

Have an event you think I may be a good fit for? Have another topic in mind? Or want to ask further questions? Let’s talk!

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