Restoration’s Breath

June 6, 2013

The final Tuesday of the spring, my apartment was once more filled with the familiar chatter and unquestionable thirst. We all sat around in a circle, spending the first portion of the night simply remembering. It had been 3 solid months since we first began this Mark journey, and I thought looking back over the ‘god dids’ of the last months as such an appropriate ending, so naturally stirring faith into the atmosphere. Woman after woman shared, remembering for themselves what they had learned, what God had done, and what unexpected occurrences took place along the way. I did my best to capture that beautiful series of thankfulness in my head, so hopeful I will not soon forget.

I started this journey out last fall, at the urge of the deeply wise and challenging Michael, who said it was time to start something new and do something different. At first, I reasoned with him and myself about why the timing was wrong, wondering all the while who would actually want to do this, or be willing to drive the hour trip to make it a reality. And of course, I had that glaring question in my mind’s eye, the one that perpetually asked what possibly could I have to offer to those who did actually show up.

When I put it out there, the response was overwhelming, far beyond what I figured. And from that first gathering in mid-October, this small group began colliding each week in apartment 331.


For the first couple months I spoke on what I was sensing in the moment, with little connection between weeks. I was feeling out the waters of what could work and what definitely did not. It was trial time at its finest (and definitely still is). When the holidays began approaching, I found myself dreaming of a journey back into the simple heart of Jesus with nothing fancy but nothing shallow – depth of word and resounding of voice. And so, on January 22, this journey through Mark and the life of the anointed one began.

If I could say one simple thing on this season, it is that He met my desire in such a beautiful, messy way and led me down a scary path that fulfills sweet promise in my life. Truly, I am utterly thankful.


One of the greatest surprises of the journey was the weight of that which I found myself carrying. I figured this to be an easier project in that there was an outline to move forward with (chapter to chapter). In reality, halfway through it I found myself feeling a weight as I never imagined. I remember calling my friend to process and her question back to me was, “who exactly do you have covering you in this?” With a reply of, “no one specific,” an important lesson was learned: when you are nudged by God into something, you are by the very nature doing more than you ever could do on your own strength. And so, find people and ask for prayer.

For those who journeyed the whole way, or just a short blip, thank you for coming along. And to the lovely friends who joined me week after week, thank you for your cheering, challenging, and contributing. Already, I find myself dreaming for this fall and ways to continue to change, grow, and develop this further.

By the time you read this post, I will be landed at my summer home in Pemba, Mozambique. You can expect many updates in the coming weeks on all that’s occurring during our stay this summer. Until then, enjoy this final segment from our journey through Mark.


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  • Reply Kathy June 6, 2013 at 1:23 pm

    Beautiful and exciting Caroline! Enjoy your summer in Pemba! Love you and Mark and praying!!

  • Reply Sara June 6, 2013 at 3:43 pm

    yes. Thankful for that season, and this one as well. Keep sharing what The Lord is showing you!

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