Removing the Veil

April 2, 2013

The whole crazy journey of faith started for me on a November night outside a boy scouts’ cabin when I was a mere 16 years old. I was confused, alone, and uncertain about anything in life. And that night, in my small Connecticut town, I came face-to-face with One who is true, abundant, and alive. It changed me to the core.

It was a dramatic night of monumental impact in my life. But the journey didn’t stop there. I didn’t arrive, understand it all, or become perfected. I put my foot in some rushing water, saw the current stop before me, and decided to take my first steps across to the other side – to the land of risky faith and promised presence.


Then there came a night in the middle of the African bush, as a 21 year-old college student, when I stared out into the vast sky above me. I was purely overwhelmed and flat-out convinced of some things. I was resolved that no matter what, I would trust Him with everything, lean into the unknown, and pour my life out for One who was bigger.

When I was 25, I decided to leave everything, embark around the world, and find His presence among the nations. I met His heart amidst the dying leper in India, His power with the girl whose knee was healed before my eyes in South Africa, and His constant calm with the gun pointed at me in the Jo-burg hostel. That year I found myself saying again and again, “I thought I knew Him, but now…

I am often perplexed when people’s only testimonies consist of one story from over a decade ago, from their “first” encounter. To me, that’s a single testimony – and a highly important and powerful one – in a long string of intentional encounters throughout life. Every encounter, every time He reveals Himself, is a testimony of His presence in our midst.

I am realizing all over again that journeying down this path with Him is about more of the veil being removed before us, so our vision sharpens, our understanding expands, and our heart deepens. Life with Him is meant to be filled with moments of revelation when the veil before our eyes is removed.

Each time the veil lifts all the more, we get a deeper glimpse into His nature and promises. In turn, we increase that which we are called to release into the world around.

Relationship builds the trust needed for more of the veil to be lifted and that which is hidden to be revealed.


Click below to join us in a holy moment upon a mountain top when more of the veil is lifted before man’s eyes.


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  • Reply Ms Patti April 6, 2013 at 10:24 am

    Love this Caroline! Powerful and encouraging! Thanks for speaking to our hearts for “more of the veil to be lifted and that which is hidden to be revealed”. Xo

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