My New Book Just Released!

December 12, 2019

Hi friend!

I’m so excited to let you know that my brand new book, Good Things Come: Encountering God in Seasons Between Promises Given and Promises Fulfilled, just released!

I still remember sitting on a bunkbed in India 11 years ago and telling two of my closest girlfriends that one day I was going to write a book. At the time I had no idea how long it’d take or what it’d require. I just knew that some day it would happen.

Now, all these years later, it’s officially out and I’m so excited to tell you about it!


I wrote Good Things Come because no matter what season I was in, whether I was living wild adventures abroad, navigating newlywed life, or entering parenthood, this place of waiting remained. Over time I realized that the tension isn’t something that can be overcome or bypassed.

Rather, it’s the powerful ground where we encounter God with us in the middle of what is and isn’t. It’s where we meet him and it’s where we change, mature, and arise.

The book is an invitation to reconsider our waiting. Maybe the seasons of not yets, pauses, and delays are less about what is being withheld from us. Maybe, instead, they are more about what God is offering us—the encounters with him that change us to live purposefully, boldly, and presently no matter how the next season unfolds.

So who’s the book for?

For all those friends out there who are navigating the tension of what isn’t going as planned, looking as you imagined, or meeting expectations. And yet the ones also resolved to keep showing up no matter when it changes, like…

  • the student wanting to impact your campus
  • the professional discerning next steps
  • the adult seeking out community
  • the parent feeling overwhelmed
  • those wondering where God is, when he will move, or why he is so quiet

What will you learn?

There’s so much the book digs into. I share tons of personal stories about God meeting me in extraordinary ways in the middle of my normal days. And I dive into the Bible to unpack moments where God moved as his people waited.

You’ll be equipped to…

  • Channel disappointment into expectancy for what God is doing
  • Breathe in the presence of God in the middle of daily life
  • Overcome lies you’re believing by the truth God is speaking
  • Declare words of power that affect the people, relationships, and places around you
  • Arise into who God has made you to be right where you are

Click this link to learn more about the book and to order it! Or find it available on Amazon!

I’m so excited to share this offering with you. I fought for each word and firmly believe it will breathe life into your season. It will fuel you to do hard things, to show up in the middle of what is, and to live your days grateful, powerful, and just as God has created you.

So much love!


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