March 27, 2013

Life certainly carries its ebbs and flows along the journey. In my opinion, the flow of life are those days characterized by awakening to the innate feeling of His presence, awareness of His hand moving in life, and confidence in His goodness today. The days when seeing, believing, and hearing come as natural as if it flowed from one right next to you in the same room.

The ebbing days, weeks, or even seasons are when things go quiet, your eyes feel blind, and no matter what you say/do/declare/pray/believe, you can’t seem to get anything. If we’re honest, it usually feels as though these seasons come around more quickly, frequently, and suddenly than the other.

In the middle of the messy ebbs and flows, there is an undercurrent of hope that keeps the whole thing moving no matter what season in which we find our minds and feet planted.

And there are words like this, found tucked away in those well-worn books of ours, releasing a fresh breath that says:

“Do you have eyes but fail to see, and ears but fail to hear? And don’t you remember?”

At first glance your eyes might pass right by it, unable to recognize the richness it holds. But if you stay a moment, letting your fear of abrasive judgement or lack of performed perfection fall off your tired back, you’ll see something beautiful here.


When you cannot see – and oh those days will come. And when you cannot hear – because at times you won’t be able to. Can you still remember?

Can you remember what He did last month when you cried tears of desperation? When you saw Him move in your family in the most radical way? How peace came over you when you said you needed Him near? Or how differently you walk now that you’ve met Him?

Remembering is the never failing breath that, when we feel most lost, will recharge our weary bodies in a moment’s time. Remembrance is hopeful fuel for the ebbing seasons of life and a steady undercurrent when life is flowing at its full-pace goodness.

To remember is to partake in the grace of One who says, “The days may come when you are unable to see My face, or hear My voice. But child, remember.”

Click below to join us in Mark 8, full of a fiery woman, some forgetful disciples and grace-filled remembrance.


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  • Reply Paula G March 27, 2013 at 11:33 am

    Again with the wisdom! You fill me right up Carmel.

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