Changing Seasons

April 12, 2013

I’m a natural reflector, always processing through that which was as a way to propel me into what’s yet ahead. I’m a firm advocate that no season or circumstance is of complete loss, despite feelings in the moment. And I’m passionate that as good as some seasons are, the best remains ahead.

I really believe it. Even in the face of loss.

Just over a year ago, I was immersed in a ministry that was my heart and life. As demanding as the hours and responsibility were, it was a rare moment for me to be caught complaining or playing victim. I think God graciously enabled me with a working wisdom and awareness to know that it wouldn’t always be that way. And so, I lived in a place of perpetual thankfulness.


Those five years were incredible. I saw hundreds of people in my generation find their voice, their passion and their faith. I traveled the world alongside my greatest friends and did what I loved – taught, empowered, encouraged, believed for people. I lived in an inherited promise land, operating in influence, authority, and responsibility far beyond my maturity, character or wisdom at the time.

I assure you, the season was marked by grace.

And then came time for the sands to shift. That quiet voice, who I taught about to hundreds, spoke intimately to me about transition. The time had come for a new season where the ministry demands, crowd affirmations and fast-paced adventures would quiet…to a silence. It was a time to transition from the public empowerment into the quiet learning about stewardship and intimacy.

The season’s change was drastic, complex, painful and confusing. Weeks and months later I would sit on my couch wondering what was happening to my life. That girl who traveled the world, encouraging and empowering the masses, being needed, wanted, known – that girl seemed so far gone.

The quiet voice that led me into the desert was the one who, over the last year, constantly reminds me of His intentional purpose and specific plan – and that seasons must change. Growth, fresh life, and renewed vibrancy all birth from the season’s shifting ground.

Looking back on the past season, it is etched by the richest glimpse of the promise land upon the earth – of Heaven’s manifestation wafting its sweet aroma of fulfillment all around. To me, it was a breathtaking window into what will continue far ahead.

But it was not meant to be the land I pitched my tent upon and ended this forward pioneer. It was for a time – a beautiful one, but not a forever one. And when that voice came whispering its words of transition, all I was asked to do was trust and follow.


Changing seasons are inevitable, a natural part of life and its ability to allow that which must pass away do just that, and that which is to be renewed to find a fresh ray of radiant color and vibrancy.

This season is about quieting down and resting into a place I long ran circles around. It’s not about my email blowing up every moment of the day with the latest need or happening, or my schedule being jam-packed to the brim with events and appointments and discipleship meetings. This season is where I am learning that those deep heart-desires are worth the hard work, unseen return and mundane days. I’m understanding what it means to believe for myself – and hear His voice speak upon me – when the crowd doesn’t applaud and swarm. And I’m seeing how shifting seasons create space for new growth and fresh breath.

I’m learning that seasons change, with many more yet ahead. And that it’s His voice that beckons us when the time has come to take us out…so that one day soon, He will freshly bring us back in again.

It’s the beautiful rhythm of life’s ever changing ground.


Click below to listen in on Jesus speaking on the Kingdom’s seasons, and the way to know where we are to stand today.


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  • Reply Bethany Holland April 13, 2013 at 5:49 pm

    I can’t believe I missed this one!! Caroline, this was amazing! Thank you so much for all your wisdom and your heart. Love you so!!

  • Reply Ms Patti April 15, 2013 at 7:00 pm

    Great wisdom Beautiful Lady!!!!!! I love you!

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