Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of doing big things in this world. I always wondered if maybe my life could count for something more, something beyond myself. But every time I began to stir with excitement over the possibilities of what could be, I’d get smacked down by others overlooking me or my own insecurities paralyzing me. I could never move past fear.

So I tucked myself away thinking that staying hidden would be less painful than failure or rejection by others.

But then I spent my 20s traveling the world, encountering a God who is active and moving beyond what I could ever have dreamt possible. I watched as his power was released through my little life, as people were healed and set free and empowered to live exactly as they were made to. Somewhere out there in the middle of the Malawian bush, my little girl dreams intersected with the presence of a really big God. And that’s where things changed. Because as I encountered him, I found myself.

Today I live in Atlanta with my husband Mark and our littles, Eloise Haven and Caden Asher. When I’m not chasing children, doing laundry, and changing diapers, I spend my time speaking, writing, and dreaming.

My heart is to equip and empower others to step into the fullness of who God has made them to be.

To hear his voice and release theirs upon the earth.

To face fears and live by courage.

To be freed from striving and performing and to rest into purpose and identity.

To passionately run after the more of God that changes the world around to reflect the goodness of Heaven.

Really, at my core, I long to see his kingdom come and boldly play my part.


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