Live Here. Love Now.


6 Practices for Cultivating a Life of Presence, Purpose, and Power

If you’re like me, you want your life to count and your days to matter. You’re aware that today is a gift and now is the chance to grow, influence, and lead.  

But it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the demands of life or discouraged by the prolonged hoping for what still hasn’t happened. All too often we delay living what is before us because we’re waiting for things first to change around us.  

We want to live our story—the one of God moving in our everyday—but that requires we experience now. Because today is where we’ll encounter God, so it is where we’ll grow and become. If we remain here, then we’ll actively participate in what comes next too.  

Live Here. Love Now. will transform how you perceive, approach, and steward what is right now. You’ll acquire tools to invest in what matters most, mature through current challenges, and influence the people and environments around you by God’s power flowing through you.

The 6 practices in Live Here. Love Now. will equip you to:


Trade worry about difficult circumstances for passionate resolve to grow in the middle of them.

be present

Discover the key for being present no matter if today is all you hoped for or nothing you planned.


Stop being overwhelmed by the opinions of others and discover how to discern God’s direction for you.


Learn how to celebrate the breakthroughs of others (especially those you desire) instead of being defeated by comparison.


Stand firm in God’s truth that brings life to you instead of spinning with lies about your identity or purpose.


Take risks that move you from exhaustion or boredom to experience God doing the unexpected and impossible through you.

“Caroline Schandel is the epitome of what I’m looking for in an author. She writes in a way that makes you feel like you’re instant best friends, and her seminary background gives her such depth of knowledge that I greatly appreciate. I love this ebook and I can’t wait to read everything else she creates!”

Caroline Fausel

About the Author

Caroline Schandel

Caroline travelled to over forty countries throughout her twenties and came alive as she encountered God moving in powerful ways around the world. Since then she has spent years speaking to young adults who want to experience God’s fullness and presence. Her passion is to invite and inspire people to meet God right where they are, no exit strategies or quick fixes needed.  

She recently completed her Masters of Divinity from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and will release her first book in 2019.  

She lives in Atlanta with her husband, Mark, and their two young kids, Eloise and Caden.  

Caroline Schandel

“Caroline’s life and teaching have been instrumental in connecting me to God in a real, tangible way during both seasons of mourning and seasons of joy. Her insight has taught me to lean in and be present in all areas of life.”


“Caroline’s teaching cuts straight to the heart. She knows how to communicate truth in a way that will resonate with your soul.”


“I deeply value Caroline's voice in my life. Her words carry beauty, sharpness, and depth, and their unique, life-giving sound is rooted in her keen ear. Caroline is a listener, both in her walk with God and her relationships with people. It's her intentional listening posture that gives such weight to her words. I always want to hear what she has to say!”


“In the midst of our hectic, day-to-day world, Caroline is always listening to the deeper undertones and overtones of reality and seems to effortlessly draw on God’s greater truth about who we are and who God is. Her words always bring a a deep breath of energy.”


“Caroline lives and writes with a wisdom and understanding that is straight from the Holy Spirit. The word on her heart has tremendous value for the body of Christ.”


“Caroline’s ability to pull you into deeper thought and revelation is amazing. Her passion and heart shine through her words and leave you wanting to dive in so much deeper to the love and promises of God. Her voice is so refreshing, and I trust her wisdom and passion to the core.”


Live Here. Love Now.

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